Exercise is for everyone, young and old.

Did you know that the recommended weekly exercise dose is:

  • 2 strength training sessions,

  • 150 minutes of walking, cycling or swimming (or any other aerobic execise)

  • plus two exercises to improve balance, such as standing on one leg, or hopping?

The links below will take you to pages that show you how to get fit, keep motivated, and keep your family fit. There are also two exercise videos for men and women

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Mindfulness combines intentional daily meditations with awareness of ourselves, our thoughts and behaviours in everyday life. The practice of mindfulness works by bringing love and compassion to every situation.

It has been scientifically proven to improve our general wellbeing by reducing our experiences of stress and helping us build better relationships.



Eating a healthy diet is a well known, proven way to live longer and feel happier. But it’s not that easy when surrounded by high sugar, processed foods.

Over the last 60 years our diets have changed dramatically, with the rise in processed, convenience foods, with the addition of sugar to everything we eat and the over use of frying foods. An unforeseen result was the demonisation of all fats-not just the polyunsaturates- to the point where our diet were filled with carbohydrates to satisfy our hunger.

I am building this section but below is a link one food group you can include in your diet to help reduce your chances of cancer as a start.

You can also read about anti-oxidants found in many foods here


Mens Health

This is all about the prostate. I will add to this section as the year goes on, so follow my blog to see what’s new.