What Is A Private GP?

In Northern Ireland, most patients have access to free healthcare services via the NHS (National Health Service), which includes primary care services, such as appointments with a doctor.

A private GP (General Practitioner) is a doctor that charges patients for appointments and other healthcare services.

How Are Private Doctors Regulated?

All doctors in the UK must be registered with the GMC (General Medical Council), who ensure doctors are qualified to work as doctors in the UK and have the necessary training and education. Dr. Graham remains on the Northern Ireland GP performers list and completes a yearly independent appraisal.

She also attends regular lectures and conferences in Medicine.

Why Should I Pay To See A Private GP?

There are a number of different reasons why a patient may decide to pay to see a private GP, you could be visiting the UK from another country or another part of the UK and don’t have access to your regular GP.

You could be seeking a second opinion or have been unable to get an appointment with your usual doctor within a suitable time frame.

Primarily, patients choose to see a private doctor because of the flexibility in terms of availability or appointment length and services available, such as screening tests and vaccinations.

Will It Affect My Relationship With My NHS GP If I See A GP Privately?

No, it really shouldn’t.

Ultimately, it is the patient’s health that GPs are most concerned with. Dr. Graham actively encourages you to remain registered with your NHS doctor, and in most circumstances it is vital that you do. With your permission, we can inform your GP of your appointment with us. However, appointments can remain as private as you wish.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get An Appointment With A Private GP?

You can normally see Dr. Graham on the same-day. However, if it is busy it is our aim to see patients within 24 hours of an enquiry. Where possible, we will try and accommodate you with a suitable time or day of your choosing.

Do You Provide Appointments For Children?

Yes, Dr. Graham sees children from birth and can provide vaccination for chicken pox and other vaccines for travel that you would have to pay for with your own GP.

Can You Provide A Chaperone With My GP Appointment?

Yes, we ask all patients at booking if they require a chaperone, either a family member or a member of staff at Vitalis Health. In some cases we will have to delay your appointment by a day so a member of staff is available to assist Dr.Graham, but we will let you know this at booking.

Can You Provide An Interpreter With My GP Appointment?

We do recommend that you bring someone along with you if you think there may be language or communication difficulties during your appointment.

However, if this is not possible we can provide a telephone interpreter for which you will pay the cost, depending on the length of the consultation.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For A Private Prescription?

While the private prescription itself is included in the cost of the consultation, you will usually be charged by the pharmacy of your choice for the medicine itself.

Dr. Graham can usually provide you with an estimate of the cost of the medicine. However, different dispensing pharmacies will charge different amounts for some medicines. You may also be charged for repeat prescriptions.

Do I Need To Register To Be Seen at vitalis Health?

No, appointments are available on an individual one-off basis and you do not need to register with us to be seen by our private doctors.

How Much Does A Private GP Appointment Cost?

An initial consultation with Dr.Graham is £85 (20 minute appointment)and a follow-up appointment if needed within 2 weeks of the initial consultation is £50.

Appointments are charged per time needed. A 30-minute GP consultation is £110 and a 45 minute consultation is £145.

Can I Get A Repeat Private Prescription?

If you have had a prescription from us previously and it is still needed for medical use, Dr. Graham can provide you with a repeat prescription without having to have another appointment.

When we receive your request for a repeat private prescription, we can either post this directly or supply it to your choice of pharmacy.

There is a charge of £20 for repeat prescriptions.

Can I See A Private Doctor To Get A Private Consultant Referral?

In some case you can self-refer to consultants in specific areas of medicine. However, in most cases a referral will be necessary. The first step in arranging an appointment with a consultant is to arrange an appointment with Dr. Graham to ensure the appropriateness of the referral and to the consultant you will be seeing.

Following your appointment with Dr.Graham we will directly contact the consultant who will then organise an appropriate and convenient appointment for you.

We have a close working relationship with private specialist consultants in all areas of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, physiotherapy and counselling.

Private GP Services For Businesses

For business customers, Vitalis Health provides comprehensive occupational health services, either for new starters or the resolution of sickness absences.

Vitalis Health also offers in-house health checks and vaccinations so your staff don’t have to loose time from work.

See our full range of health checks here and more information on health work-shops at work.