When would you see a Private GP?

So what’s the new attraction with seeing a private GP?

For people living in UK, the four most popular reasons are:

1) Appointments to suit your schedule,

2) Longer appointment times

3) Seeing a GP with a particular interest e.g. a holistic approach to care; Interest in women’s health.

4) You want to have a vaccination such as chickenpox, shingles or whooping cough or a travel vaccine

Other common reasons to see a private GP:

  • Anonymity. If you want to see someone who doesn’t know you and your family, in case of a sensitive problem

  • To have a comprehensive wellness medical performed

  • If you are from outside the UK and visiting.

  • If you want to have more in-depth blood tests done

  • If you want to be seen on time and in a beautiful setting.

Privates GPs in the UK can make prompt referrals either privately- if you want to be seen quicker or if you have private health insurance-or they can refer you via the NHS.

At Vitalis Health, Dr. Siobhan Graham, can refer you for scans or a second opinion either to the NHS or private hospital in Northern Ireland or even the mainland UK if required.

Dr. Graham has good working relationships with her colleagues in a wide range of specialities and is happy to make a referral when needed.

Also, she has access to all the services provided by larger healthcare providers in Belfast, so that you get your scan or outpatient appointment as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about whether or not to see a private GP, you can contact us by email: info@vitalishealth.co.uk

or speak to us by telephone: 02890585971

Vitalis health provides a wide range of services are provided, from standard GP appointments and minor surgery, to sexual health testing and vaccinations.

You can see are full list of services here